Cat looking through its pet play tube tunnel

Why Does Your Cat Love Tunnels?

Cats and tunnels seem to have an undeniable bond.

Whether it’s a cardboard box, a laundry basket, or a purpose-built cat tunnel, these furry friends can’t resist the allure of a good enclosed space.

But have you ever wondered why our furry friends are so enamored with these tubular treasures?

1. Predatory Instincts

The enclosed space allows them to hide and observe, making it easier for them to surprise their “prey” (whether it’s a toy or another pet).

2. Warmth and Comfort

Cats appreciate the warmth and the feeling of being enclosed, similar to curling up in a small, sheltered space.

3. Stress Relief

In multi-pet households or in environments with high activity, cats may use tunnels as a retreat to escape from potential stressors.

4. Play and Exploration

Cats are curious creatures, and tunnels provide an interesting environment for exploration and play.

5. Safety and Security

The enclosed space feels safe and familiar, allowing them to observe the world from a comfortable distance before venturing out.

6. Territorial Behavior

Cats are territorial animals, and they may use tunnels as a designated space they consider their territory.

7. Temperature Regulation

Cats may enjoy resting in tunnels to escape heat or find a comfortable sleeping spot.

DIY Tunnel Ideas for Your Feline Friend

Beyond store-bought options, crafting your cat tunnel can be a fun and rewarding way.

Classic Cardboard Box

This budget-friendly option requires minimal effort. Simply cut two holes in opposite ends of a large cardboard box and let the exploration begin!

Crinkly Cardboard Tunnel

Cut slits along the length of the tube and stuff them with crinkly paper or fabric scraps. Secure the ends with duct tape or glue, and watch your cat’s curiosity piqued by the delightful crackle under their paws.

Old Sweater Snuggle

Stuff the interior with a rolled-up towel or foam pad, and voila! A cozy tunnel with a built-in scratching surface.

The T-Shirt Tunnel Trio

Grab three old T-shirts and cut them into long tubes. Sew the ends of each tube together to create three separate tunnels, then connect them using fabric loops or buttons.


A cat tunnel might seem like a simple piece of fabric, but for our feline companions, it’s a portal to a world of possibilities.

It’s a training ground for their inner hunters, a sanctuary from the stresses of the world, and a playground for their boundless curiosity.


Q: Are all cats attracted to tunnels?

Cats, known for individuality, vary in preferences. While many love tunnels, some may not show interest.

Can tunnel play replace outdoor exploration?

While tunnels offer stimulation, outdoor exploration remains vital for a cat’s overall well-being.

Can tunnel play help with cat anxiety?

Tunnels often serve as safe retreats for anxious cats. However, severe anxiety requires professional intervention.

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