Tug Toys For Big Dogs


  • Effectively Teeth Cleaning
  • Food Dispensing Function
  • Fit for Medium Large Dogs
  • More Powerful Suction Cup
  • Uses Edible TPR As Raw Material

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Does your dog love to play tug-of-war?

Let’s have a tug of war! These tug ball toys have suction cups on one end, so your furry big friend can wrestle and play with them in a whole new way.

Dog Tug Toys with Double-layered tooth bulge

Crafted from edible TPR material

Crafted meticulously from premium silvervine, these sticks offer an irresistible chewing experience, catering to your cat’s innate desire to gnaw.

Food Dispensing Functio

Crafted for interactive fun, our toy boasts multifunctionality, including a food dispensing feature that stimulates your dog’s mind while rewarding them with treats.

Double-layered tooth bulge

With a focus on oral hygiene, our toys feature a teeth-cleaning design that aids in removing dental calculus and residue, ensuring your dog’s dental health remains in top condition.

Bulletproof vest grade rope

The rope material which is the same material as the body armor surface akin to body armor, ensures that they can resist the toughest of bites, making them suitable for medium to large dogs.

Dog Tug Toys with stronger suction cup

Stronger suction cup

Enhancing the durability and reliability of our large dog ball toys is the incorporation of a stronger suction cup, meticulously designed to withstand rigorous play sessions without budging.


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