Tilted Cat Food Bowl

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  • Mouth of the cup is round and smooth
  • High-bottom neck protector
  • Base is widened to prevent toppling
  • Food grade environmentally friendly PP resin

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Ensure Pet Safety with High Bottom Neck Protector

Elevate mealtime comfort, stability, and style with our premium pet feeding bowl supplies.

High Bottom Neck Protector

By conforming to your pet’s natural eating habits, this bowl reduces neck pressure, providing a comfortable dining experience.

Raised Edge Design

Featuring a raised edge, it prevents food and water from escaping onto your floors, keeping your living space pristine.

Raised Edge Cat Food Bowl
Cat Food Bowl Base

Wide And Stable Base

Our pet feeding bowl boasts a wide and stable base, preventing even the most mischievous pets from tipping it over during meals.

Food-grade Environmentally

Crafted from food-grade environmentally friendly PP resin, our bowls are not only durable but also easy to disassemble and clean.

Pink Tilted Cat Food Bowl

1 review for Tilted Cat Food Bowl

  1. Keily Orellana

    I’m in love with these food bowls. I bought two for each of my cats. One bowl for dry food and the other for wet food.

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