Dogs Eat Sauerkraut

Can Dogs Eat Sauerkraut?

Sauerkraut, a fermented cabbage dish with a tangy flavor, is a popular condiment enjoyed by many humans.

But can our canine companions share this treat?

Quick Answer:

Yes. Sauerkraut can be a healthy occasional treat for your dog, offering a probiotic boost and some additional nutrients.

The Benefits of Sauerkraut for Dogs

Sauerkraut offers some potential health benefits for dogs:


The fermentation process creates beneficial bacteria, known as probiotics, which can aid digestion and support gut health in dogs.


Sauerkraut contains vitamins, minerals, and fiber, although in small amounts. These can contribute to a dog’s overall well-being.

Low-calorie addition:

For dogs needing to watch their weight, sauerkraut can be a low-calorie addition to their meals.

Safe Sauerkraut Strategies for Dogs

If you want your dog to experience the taste of sauerkraut, here are some tips:

Homemade is Best:

Opt for plain, homemade sauerkraut made with just cabbage and salt. This ensures no hidden nasties.

Reduce the Acidity:

Soak the sauerkraut in water to lessen the acidity, which can be harsh on a dog’s stomach.

Start Small:

Introduce a tiny amount, a teaspoon or less, mixed with their regular food. Monitor for any signs of discomfort like vomiting or diarrhea.

Keep it Occasional:

Sauerkraut should be a rare treat, not a regular part of your dog’s diet.


Sauerkraut can be a safe and occasional treat for dogs, but it’s important to be mindful of the potential downsides.

Always choose plain varieties, rinse them before serving, and start with a tiny amount.

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