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Can Cats Eat Apricots?

While cats are primarily carnivores, many pet owners wonder about offering them occasional fruits and vegetables as treats.

Apricots, with their sweet and juicy flesh, are one such fruit that may spark curiosity.

But are apricots safe for cats to eat?

Quick Answer:

Unfortunately, the chili might not be the best treat for your kitty.

Benefits of Apricots for Cats

Apricots offer several potential health benefits for cats, including:

  • Fiber: Aids in digestion and helps prevent constipation.
  • Vitamin A: Supports healthy vision and skin.
  • Vitamin C: Boosts the immune system.
  • Potassium: Supports healthy muscles and nerves.
  • Antioxidants: Protect cells from damage and promote overall health.

The Important Caveats

While the fleshy part of the apricot is generally safe for cats, there are specific parts you should never give them:

  • Stems: These contain cyanide, which is toxic to cats.
  • Leaves: Just like the stems, apricot leaves also contain cyanide and should be avoided.
  • Pits: Pits pose a choking hazard and can also contain cyanide if chewed.

How Much Apricot Can I Give My Cat?

Even though the flesh of the apricot is safe, it should only be offered as an occasional treat. A small piece of apricot flesh, no larger than their thumbnail, is sufficient for most cats.

While apricots are not a traditional part of a cat’s diet, they can be a safe and healthy treat in moderation.

Dr. Sarah Wooten, The veterinarian at the Animal Medical Center of New York

How to Safely Feed Apricots to Your Cat

If you’d like to offer your cat a taste of apricot, here are some important guidelines:

  1. Wash the apricot thoroughly to remove any dirt or pesticides.
  2. Cut the apricot into small pieces to prevent choking hazards.
  3. Remove the pit, stem, and leaves completely.
  4. Offer only a small amount of apricot as a treat, no more than once a week.


While cats can technically eat apricots, it’s important to only offer them the flesh of the fruit and avoid the stems, leaves, and pits.

By following the tips in this article, you can help ensure that your cat enjoys this sweet treat safely.


Can cats eat dried apricots?

Yes, but only unsweetened and free from added sugar or preservatives.

Can cats eat canned apricots?

Canned apricots are typically packed in syrup or other sugary liquids, which are not healthy for cats.

Can cats eat apricot jam or marmalade?

No, jams and marmalades are high in sugar and other ingredients that are not healthy for cats. Avoid giving them these products.

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