2 in 1 Cat Cleaning Brush

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    • Professional Cat Hair Brush
    • Skin-friendly Massage Needles
    • Upgraded Cat Grooming Brush
    • One-click Cleaning Button
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Combines de-shedding and massage all in one!

Say goodbye to mountains of fur and hello to a happy, healthy kitty with our innovative 2-in-1 Cat Cleaning Brush!

This innovative brush combines the power of deshedding and massage for a healthy, happy cat, all while protecting their sensitive skin.

Cat Cleaning Brush With a One-click Cleaning Button

One-Click Cleaning

Brushing sessions become a breeze with the ingenious one-click cleaning button.

Press the button to release the collected hair, making cleanup a snap.

Gentle Massage Experience

The soft, rounded rubber tips on the brush’s pins provide a soothing massage that your cat will purr over.

This not only feels good but also helps stimulate blood circulation and promote healthy skin.

Uses Cat Cleaning Brush to Massage a Cat
Cat Cleaning Brush With Angled needles at 140°

Deep Down Clean

Stainless steel bristles, 1.2 times thicker than other brushes, tackle even the thickest coats with ease.

Angled needles at 140° penetrate deep into the undercoat, reaching hidden tangles and ensuring a thorough groom.

Wash with Ease

The brush’s waterproof design allows you to wash it directly under running water for effortless hygiene.

No more tedious disassembling or worrying about damaging the brush.

Cat Cleaning Brush with Waterproof Design

Stainless Steel, Rubber, Plastic

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1 review for 2 in 1 Cat Cleaning Brush

  1. R. Moreno

    I have 4 cats and this worked great on them. 2 of my cats are long haired so it worked best on them. It was the most gentle brush I think I’ve ever owned for them.

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2 in 1 Cat Cleaning Brush

2 in 1 Cat Cleaning Brush

Original price was: $29.99.Current price is: $24.99.

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